About Us

About Us

The research areas of the MTA-ELTE Theory of Learning Mathematics Research Group encompass the examination of effective methods for presenting and teaching curriculum. Within this scope, we place particular emphasis on enhancing the efficiency of the mathematics learning process. Can it be achieved that students comprehend mathematics, whether willingly or not?

Our primary research domains include investigating the test-enhanced learning, development through boardgames, gamification, the utilization of interleaved problem sets, problem posing, exploring geometric conceptual development, bridging knowledge gaps, and enhancing spatial skills.

Among our members, there are 30 teachers from 14 primary and secondary schools who engage in experiments with innovative knowledge transfer methods. We distinguish three main objectives: acquiring knowledge, boosting motivation and commitment, and nurturing thinking skills. Our goals include involving as many students and teachers as possible in the research process.


In 2022, we acquired the name MTA-ELTE Theory of Learning Mathematics Research Group within the framework of the Research Programme for Public Education Development of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

We organize presentations, lecture series, and conference talks to share our research findings. We publish our results in studies, journal articles and student research papers.

The research group was established in 2016 as the successor to the ”Methodological Tales” lecture series. Our research group continuously expands, primarily with enthusiastic prospective teachers, many of whom later pursue further research with us as educators.